The Trading Card Preservation Society is Matt F. from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius and Dave the Cardboard Junkie talking about trading cards and pop culture.






January 2017
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Episode #12

Today Matt F. and Dave the Cardboard Junkie are recording from the Roswell, GA card show and bring you a brand new episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society. They begin with a $10 Challenge/Secret Santa gift exchange from the card show. Both Dave and Matt are excited about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they offer a whole lot of predictions about the movie. They vote "No" on any mention of midi-chlorians and "Yes" to a scene of pure fan service! They also discuss the finally released 2015 Topps Doctor Who and talk about the Netflix series Jessica Jones. Colligere Omnia!



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Episode #11

Dave the Cardboard Junkie and Matt F. are back for another episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society! This time they are recording at the amazing 2nd and Charles bookstore in Kennesaw, GA. Today they tackle a review [with many spoilers] of the new James Bond movie Spectre. They also review the first episode of Ash vs The Evil Dead and 2015 Topps Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens trading cards.

Colligere Omnia!


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Episode #10 - #TheHobby Interview With Christopher From Crackin' Wax
This is the first episode of our new #TheHobby Interviews series which will be a Better Know Your Blogger style collection of interviews conducted with trading card bloggers and people in the trading card industry. Today Matt F. from calls Christopher from Crackin' Wax to talk about his charity group breaks, designing trading cards, and our mutual love of the Minnesota Twins. Colligere Omnia!
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Episode #9

Dave the Cardboard Junkie and Matt F. are again recording live at a cardshow, this time in Roswell, GA. They discuss the 2015 National card show and how they didn't go, an in-hand review of Allen and Ginter 2015. They also talk about the super short X-Files teaser, the Ash vs. the Evil Dead trailer, and Dave gives his spoiler-free reviews of Ant-Man and Mr. Holmes.  Colligere Omnia!

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Episode #8

Matt F. and Dave the Cardboard Junkie return for a new episode after a long summer hiatus. Today they recorded live from the parking lot of a Hilton Hotel in Atlanta after taking the $10 Card Show Challenge. They also discuss the 2015 Topp Allen and Ginter checklist and take a few Q and A questions. Colligere Omnia!

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Episode #7

In the magnificent seventh episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society, Dave the Cardboard Junkie and Matt F. from revisit the first ever topic discussed on the podcast, Kris Bryant cards, the Mars Attacks Kickstarter, Topps Bunt, a review of 2015 Donruss Baseball, the return of X-Files and Mad Max, a brand new feature “Music To Sort Cards By”, and as always, Quick Hits, the New Release Calendar, and listener Q&A.

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Dave's Decades 1955

This is the first part of a mini-series for the Trading Card Preservation Society called Dave's Decades. Dave the Cardboard Junkie examines the state of trading cards every ten years starting in 1955. We will then cover 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, and finally 2015. And if it goes well I guess we should probably do an episode from the future covering 2025.

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Episode #6

Episode #6 finds Dave the Cardboard Junkie and Matt F. well rested after taking February off from podcasting. All that changes here when the dynamic duo chat about the Topps Tribute recall, a Mars Attacks Kickstarter, the passing of Leonard Nimoy, Marvel Cinematic Universe news, the new release calendar, and some listener Q and A. Colligere Omnia!

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Mini Episode - Dave and Matt F. Spoil Birdman

This mini episode comes from Episode #6. Here Dave and Matt talk about Birdman, the Oscars, and Matt's brush with fame for a few hours.

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Dave and I are back with another episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society. This one rings in at nearly two hours of trading card and pop culture talk including 2015 Topps Series 1 Checklist, Upper Deck Loses the Collegiate License, Leaf Q, National Hockey Card Day, 2014 Bip Awards, the end of the Marvel Universe, Ant-Man & Fantastic Four Trailers, the new release calendar and some listener Q and A.

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